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Ticketstobuy® was founded in 2002 by Seitz Technologies which still manages the company today. Ticketstobuy® was formed to provide our customers with the most comprehensive ticket service possible.

We are a “full service” ticketing company located in the Commonwealth of Virginia and primarily serves the East Coast of the United States. How does “full service” ticketing help our customers have a successful event? Why should a full service” ticket company like Ticketstobuy® be your choice?  Many ticket companies offer a “self service” ticket system which puts all of the responsibility in the hands of event organizers and promoters to sell tickets, provide electronic email marketing, provide phone support, provide charge by phone service and ticket printing to name a few. With Ticketstobuy®, you can rest easy that your ticket operations are being handled thoroughly and professionally.

TTB on-site van

One of our active service vehicles.

After our initial development in 2002, we have experienced extraordinary growth every year since. We serve clients such
as the ever popular Innsbrook After Hours in Glen Allen, Virginia.  Read more…

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