Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is an Internet online storefront?
A. An Internet online storefront, such as for example, is designed to sell tickets, products and/or services safely to Internet buyers. 

Q. Is Ticketstobuy a re-seller or scalper of tickets? 
A. Ticketstobuy® and our ticket website are NOT resellers nor scalpers of tickets.  We are a primary ticket seller, hired directly by venues and promoters. Ticket prices are designated by the event venue promoters/ producers which are the prices sold by Ticketstobuy®. All resellers and scalpers first purchase their tickets from Ticketstobuy® then passes on skyrocketed ticket cost to buyers.

Q. What is a primary ticket seller?  
A. In a nutshell, a primary ticket seller is a venue’s “ticket seller of choice”.  We are contracted directly by venues that produce concerts and events to sell its tickets, print its tickets and manage the ticket buying process.  Resellers and scalpers buy from primary ticket sellers and resell them to unsuspecting buyers that will pay too much for the tickets and get NO ticket sales support. Most venues warn all buyers of resold tickets, the risk of trying to enter venue gates with these tickets, could be denied.

Q. Is the Ticketstobuy® online ticket system secure from Internet hackers and credit card thieves? 
A. Yes. Our online ticket system enters a secured and encrypted portion of our server once you begin the buying process. Cloudflare Software issues our SSL certificate (secure certificate) which authenticates that our server is officially secure against security issues involving the passing of your credit card or personal information across the Internet.  Our ticket system is credit card compliant. Because of credit card compliance, certain precautions are required of all online merchants and should be practiced throughout the world.  Such precautions include not storing private, personal information available to the general public, privacy of e-mail addresses from possible scammers and criminal theft of a person’s credit and credit card information.

Q. What is an Internet processing fee?
A. An Internet ticket processing fee is charged to cover the cost of processing your credit card during the transaction, the use of the secure server for your personal protection during checkout, and administrative expenses incurred by processing an order through our online ticket system.  Generally, processing fees are accepted by a promoter or venue.

Q. What is ticket refund insurance?
A. Our optional insurance is not change of plans insuranceTicket refund insurance assures you a refund in the case of a cancellation or postponement of an ENTIRE event.  In the case of a postponement, the insurance assures you the re-use of your tickets for the new date or a refund if you are unable to attend the new date. PARTIAL event refunds are never granted. Read more….

Q. What is Will-Call?
A. Will-Call ticket pickup is a standard method of picking up event tickets when purchased online or by phone. Will-Call is usually located at the event’s main ticket entrance and is sometimes free of charge.  Will-Call is usually available only 7-10 days from the date of the event and up to online sales cutoff time, near door opening time.  If Will-Call is chosen as the desired method of ticket delivery, we encourage the printing of the order receipt as part of the ticket pickup identification.  A photo ID such as a drivers license or passport will also be required.

Q. Do you offer Will-Call pickup?
A. We offer Will-Call pickup at most of the concert events we represent. During the Worldwide Pandemic due to Coronavirus, Will-Call pickup may not be available for safety of our purchasers. 

Q. Do you offer any other method of ticket delivery such as mailing via U. S. Mail service?
A. Yes. For a nominal fee, we offer the mailing of your tickets. This delivery is available during the checkout process. When available, we can also offer USPS priority mail and UPS shipping based on their respective fee schedules.  Due to post office delivery times, mail delivery is removed as an option for ticket delivery approximately 7-10 days before the event date.

Q. If we choose to have our tickets mailed, how long can we expect before the tickets arrive?
A. In most circumstances, we can process your ticket order, prepare the mailing documentation and mail out your order no later than 21 business days from the event. In some cases related to non-delivery or address problems once the order is mailed, receipt of the tickets can be delayed. Sometimes, re-sending of tickets is necessary or are placed at Will-Call for pickup.

Q. Is our e-mail address sold to or used by any mass marketing service on the Internet?
A. No. We always keep your personal and credit card information private.  We might only use e-mail addresses for announcements for upcoming Ticketstobuy® events. Seitz Technologies (our management company) and Ticketstobuy® employees can only access this information. We require an e-mail address (active, non spam tagged and working e-mail address ) for contacting you about your order or event changes. Your e-mail address is never cc’d (carbon copied) in any e-mail sent.

Q. Can we get local support if we have trouble buying at your storefront?
A. Yes. Ticketstobuy® is a Virginia based company located in Midlothian, Virginia.  We’re not like other Internet companies in the marketplace, many are difficult to contact and prefer e-mail contact only. We have various ways for you to find us. Our mailing address: P.O. Box 2625, Midlothian, Virginia 23113 ::  Telephone number: 804.893.4000.

Ticket charge-by-phone is available if you wish to call in your order instead of buying online: 804.794.6700.  Toll-free charge-by-phone: 866.707.2289. Phone contact is possible Monday- Friday, 9am-5pm.
Our contact e-mail address is: [email protected] E-mail contact is available 24 hours a day and response will be ASAP.

Q. What is a Venue Partner System®?
A. Developed by Ticketstobuy® in 2020, our Venue Partners System®  is designed for venues to self manage their own ticket system.  Instead of using a full service ticket company like Ticketstobuy®, the Venue Partners System® provides a venue the freedom and management of selling tickets online and at the venue box office.  The system is available on a limited location basis.